My favorite event of the year has come and gone. However, I'm left with good memories, loot, and a DLC code that isn't working (yet). Clearly, I love PAX. Why you ask? PAX reminds me to get out of the apartment. PAX reminds me take a break from coding/working on my computer all day. PAX reminds me to put down the PS3 controller and take a break from video games. PAX reminds me to disconnect. Um, wait. No, let me try this again. I go to PAX because it feels like a second home. PAX allows me to talk to other developers. PAX allows me to play early game demos. PAX allows me to RE-connect with like minded people, all 70,000+ of them. I'm grateful I live in Seattle, a city with nearly 100 game development companies. I'm also grateful the PAX convention is only a 10 minute walk from my apartment.